Kinetic Worship is a unique and talented group of people who dedicate their time and talents to connect our community in worship. They believe in God’s call on our lives to be creative and engage Him in real and genuine worship. Kinetic Worship is made up of two interwoven parts, the musicians and the production arts.


These guys and gals serve on a monthly or twice-a-month rotation. Our current group of musicians includes around 20 individuals. And they make pretty good music, if we do say so ourselves.

In 2007 the team felt God’s call to start writing original songs that He was putting on their hearts and they responded with a fury. They finished their first project, Universe EP, in the summer of ’08, released their first full length album, The Resolve, in November of 2009, and are soon to be releasing a brand new full length album including ten original worship songs. It’s called Art of Love. We are all very excited about it!

Production Arts:

This team is made up of some tremendously gifted people. All of whom have chosen to contribute their heart and soul to making our worship experiences full of both creative excellence and authenticity. Admittedly, this crew is a bit techy, using cool stuff like computers, projectors, LED lights, set design, USB drives, WIFI, etc. One of our most Kinetic ministries is always working to learn and better the environment of worship at our church. Production Arts run all of our weekend services but have also been a part of outside events and conferences. Like we said, they are pretty talented. If you are a part of these teams you are among about 15 others. We love our production arts teams. They are a phenomenal group of driven, hard working, joyful people.

If you would like to keep up with Kinetic Worship or find out more information check out their band website.